Luke becomes an Apache Lucene module (as of Lucene 8.1)!

(While I have served as a co-maintainer of Luke with the repository owner Dmitry Kan, for 4 years or so — this is my first post about this project.)

IMPORTANT NOTICE to Luke Lucene Toolbox users

A long-waited integration (for me and some of Luke users anyway) was finally made! Swing edition Luke got into Apache Lucene and the related Jira issue was resolved after almost a decade.

[LUCENE-2562] Make Luke a Lucene/Solr Module

As of Lucene 8.1 release, you do not need to download Luke zip file separately from Lucene itself. Just run the launch script bundled with Lucene binary distribution package you are using.


$ /path/to/lucene-x.x.x/luke/


> \path\to\lucene-x.x.x\luke\luke.bat

Hope this achievement is welcomed by all Luke users.

Brief background…

First I’d like to show an impressive graph. Here is the GitHub star history of the Luke project.

As clearly shown in the figure, Luke has been getting more and more users along with the growth of Apache Lucene, Solr and Elasticsearch community.

On the other hand, effort of maintaining Thinlet Luke had become difficult due to its a bit outdated Java code. In mid 2017, I slowly started to rewrite Luke, almost from scratch, to modernize the code base. And ported the UI framework from Thinlet to JavaFX (later, the GUI was further re-implemented on top of Swing) so that it can be distributed under ALv2 license. Then I created the first patch and threw it into the Lucene issue, this attempt was followed by long feedback process (this continued for nine months). And finally it was done.

I am really grateful for feedback from Lucene committers. It was an exiting experience and made me a little bit nervous :) Especially I appreciate review comments and support from Uwe Schindler, without his help this integration could not have succeeded. Thanks again for the great community!

So what’s next?

As a consequence, I was invited from Lucene/Solr PMC to be a committer. So the development will continue, as it always has been, under Lucene project.

Lastly I’d like to throw some to-dos (issues remained in GitHub) here:

Of course your future contribution to Luke will be the contribution to Apache Lucene. From now on, please open issues in the Lucene JIRA with a mention to me (patches are also welcome!)





もちろん Luke だけでなく,Analyzer とかその他の開発・メンテも,できるところから手伝いながら頑張っていくつもりです。

(出不精なため…)あまり頻繁に出かけないのですが,今後 Lucene 周りでトピックがあれば発表したり,日本で活動している他の Java 系 ASF プロジェクトのコミッターの方とも,もし機会があれば交流できたらいいなぁと思います。

最後に宣伝ですが,運営で関わらせてもらっている 検索技術勉強会 (Search Engineering Tech Talk) のほうも,どうぞよろしくお願いします!

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